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5 Reasons to Start an Online Business in India!

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I’m a big enthusiast of Entrepreneurship. I tried starting up my business so many times and failed, then I came to know about the power of Online Business through the podcast of one of the legends of Online Business – Pat Flynn. So, in this article, I’ll tell you 5 reasons to start an Online Business in India. Even if you have no Entrepreneurship zeal, still you can just sit at home and start making enough money (approx. Rs. 30,000) every month as a second source of income. There are hundreds of advantages of Online Business like this, but we will see only the most important reasons here.


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Along with 5 reasons, there is one special reason for people from India.


Target Audience: Every entrepreneur, thinking to start an Online Business in India!


Reasons to start an Online Business in India:


  • Reason 1: Insanely easy to setup!


I can’t emphasize enough on the sophistication of setting up your online business. In order to make sure you have selected a good niche and the keyword you are concentrating on has the potential to make it to the first page of Google, it takes a bit of research. But, rest of the setup and to take off is literally insanely easy.


  • Reason 2: Almost nothing at stake to lose!


Literally, there is nothing at stake to lose. To set up an Online Business, it takes hardly Rs. 4000 per year. And, running costs even are very little. And, Online Business through podcast or YouTube channel has only the expense of the equipment required. If your Online Business is bankrupt, you can stop doing your Online Business and go back to what you were doing before.


  • Reason 3: Diversified sources of income.


Online Business can earn you money through millions of sources. The number of channels in which you can start delivering content which eventually can be monetized is ridiculously high. You can start your Online Business through a website and start monetizing it to make money. Once you earn enough money, start a video channel on YouTube and monetize even that, and then start your podcasting channel and start making money through that also.

Diversification is what lessens the risk even – if one source goes down, you can either start another or improve the existing source of income.


  • Reason 4: Add a new source of Income in few hours!


Adding a source of income in Online Business is so easy that you can complete it in few hours. For example, consider you’re earning money already through Google Adsense, you can just add another source of income like Affiliate Marketing within a few hours.

But, in the above case – for the affiliate advertising you need to have enough traffic before you can start having an affiliation. Given enough traffic, setting it up is hardly a 4 hours job.


  • Reason 5: Make Money even when you’re not working!


In a conventional 9-5 job, you will be paid only for the amount of time you’re working, but it isn’t the same with Online Business. Online Business earns you money even when you’re sleeping. So, essentially, Online Business is a passive source of income that generates itself even when you’re not putting in a constant effort for it.


  • ** Special Reason 6: Online Business in India is yet to be exploited! 


Even though Online Business is immensely popular in other countries, India is yet to see the dawn of Online Business. There are few players already, but India being a vast country, it still offers sumptuous Online Business opportunities.

So, start your Online Business today itself and start making your brand and money from day one!


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