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Career Options after Graduation in India

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There is always a doubt in every graduate’s mind – “What next?”. I’m telling you, that is one of the most difficult questions to answer. I’ve been through that. No matter whether you’re a topper or an average student or a slow learner, the question is the same. The situation is worse if you’re not an IIT’ian or an NIT’ian in India. So, in this article, we will talk about the Career Options for Graduates, especially Engineering Graduates.

There is no dearth of opportunities, but is just a bit of awareness is what it requires to be successful. So, in this article, we’ll be shedding some light on how Indian graduates (engineers especially) can earn money and make a living for them, regardless of their aggregates and their branch specifications.


Target Audience: All Engineers who want a job.


Available Career Options after Graduation:


Conventionally, there are two options, right after graduation:


  1. Job – typically, pays around 3 – 4 LPA (Lakhs per Annum).
  2. Higher Education – MBA or MS (Involves a lot of money)


But, not everybody would be getting a job in college and neither everybody would be able to afford higher education. So, let us talk about how you can increase your chances of getting a job or having a constant income flowing in.


Let us not talk about Entrepreneurship now. This article is mostly about getting a job after graduation!


How can you get an IT job?


I’m only talking about getting an IT job because it is the most prevalent domain as of now and hence there are more chances to get a job in it. Frankly, IT is everywhere. You take any business nowadays, they will either have an IT support team or an IT development team, sometimes they might have both.


What skills do you require for having better career options?


  • English – Communication


I know it is a pretty trivial thing to know, but still, people neglect it. English and most importantly, communication. I can’t stress enough about its importance. No matter how good you’re with your technical perspectives, no matter how good you’re with your analytical, reasoning, etc. If you can’t express yourself, no one will be able to understand what you’re made of.


How can you develop your English communication skill:


It goes without saying that, you develop communication skill through communicating, irrespective of language. I’ll tell you my top techniques to learn to speak fluently in English:


  • Movies and TV Shows

I feel, watching good and immersive movies or TV shows in English can significantly increase your communication skill. The best part about them is you learn pronunciation also along with sentence formation and vocabulary.

Intonation and proper stressing of words are equally important, which people often neglect. These things ensure that your conversation does not become monotonous.

Watch with subtitles first, eventually, you can stop using subtitles once you become comfortable with their accent.


  • Writing

Some people might argue with me, why I’m prioritizing writing over reading. I say, when you write you’re very conscious and it takes a lot of effort to conceptualize your whole idea into a written piece. This gives you clarity of thought as well as it will keep you on your toes about grammar and sentence formation since there is no dearth of Grammar Nazi’s out there.


  • Talking

Once you have done the above two things, theoretical part is over. It is now time for practicals. Now, you need to let go off any inhibitions you have and start talking in front of people. Particularly in India, we have a lot of stage fright and that is not limited to stage, but rather is applicable everywhere – in the day to day conversations even.

Correct or Incorrect, start talking to people, most of them will try to correct. Learn from your mistakes. Go back and repeat the above two steps.

I’m sure, if you can really incorporate these activities into your daily routine with diligence and perseverance, for sure you would be nailing” English in few weeks!



  • Basic Technical Skills


Since, we’re talking about entering into IT domain, of course, you need to have a bit of basic coding behind your back. Here are my quick ways to master basic coding:


  • Learn C

Even though C is taught in colleges for every branch, people still neglect it. I feel, never neglect C. This is from where you will learn how to sculpture your logic in terms of code.

If you have forgotten C, go back read it once.


  • Learn Java

C teaches you how to sculpture the basic knowledge, but nowadays C is a far fetched programming language. Not many companies use C as their primary language.

Java IS the language now. Many people might argue C++ to be on par with Java. But, I feel Java gives you an edge over other languages since it gives you an insight about Object Oriented Programming without confusing much with procedure oriented like C++. Most companies nowadays use only Java.

So, I say, the best way to increase your probability of getting interviews with companies is to learn Java and to be good with it.


  • Learn Frameworks

I don’t think in college you would be having so much awareness to learn different frameworks. But, I say, after coming out of colleges, try to learn frameworks. These will definitely get you a job. I’ll mention some technologies, and most of them are Java based


  • Spring
  • Hibernate (JPA)
  • JMS
  • GIT (Source Control / Version Management)


Join courses for these, either online or offline. But, do learn these if you’re in search of a job. Just having these technologies on your resume increases your chances of getting selected by at least 40%.


  • Learn SQL

Since you want to join as a fresher, it is often required to have basic and intermediate SQL knowledge for sure. Of course, there will be questions on SQL in your interview and having this on your resume and being good with it can also help you in securing a job.



Said all that, I feel, when you’re searching for a job and even when you already are in a job, I suggest you all, to try starting an Online Business. It is very easy to setup and requires a very little investment relative to other businesses to start with.

The best part of Online Business is that it is all passive income – it creates itself even when you’re sleeping. And, it doesn’t require you to quit your 9-5 job even. You can do both with a little extra effort.

Online business can act as a highly sustainable second source of income.

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