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Online Business is a great way to start your Entrepreneurial career. Check out our previous posts about Online Business to know more!  Said all that, I wanted to make an article on how you can start your Online Business through a Website and start earning money through Google Adsense. But, the topic is too huge and would be a lot of information to digest in one post. So, I will split this topic into few posts.


Let’s get started with the prerequisites to start up an Online Business venture – Creating a website.


What is a website?


Just to make it more clear, we’re going to make a Website and not a Web-application. I already have mentioned about the differences between a Website and Web application in my previous posts.


But, the major difference between them is that a Website doesn’t really require you to spend millions of hours together to see the result, neither does it require tremendous knowledge of complex programming languages. All it requires is just some knowledge of internet and a bit of English


How to make a website?


How difficult is it to create a website?


Literally, A website can go live in 2 days at max. StarupSutra took 2 days to completely go live. A website is relatively very easy to make and launch, and requires a little upfront expense of about Rs. 4000.

“Web site go live” mission’s prerequisites:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Content Management Tool like WordPress


Let us elaborate on each of them.



Simply put, Domain is just the name of your website. Before starting to build your website, you need to buy a domain.


How to buy a domain?


Buying a domain is very easy, and typically, costs you around Rs.100-500. The price of the domain depends on the keywords and type of suffix (.com,, .co) you select.


Step 1:

Visit any domain seller, I bought from GoDaddy. But, there are so many other domain sellers in the market. When you have selected your domain vendor, search for your required domain.  



Step 2:

Add to cart any available domain of your liking and click “continue to cart” to proceed. Follow the on-screen instructions and pay the amount to register that domain name with your account.

I personally advise you not to buy any other amenities except for the domain from GoDaddy.

Bravo! You got your domain, now if you will visit your domain name (, you will be seeing a GoDaddy’s default web page. If you don’t see it even, don’t worry.



Hosting is just a CPU where you could place your website and all related content and retrieve it whenever you want. This kind of storage place is provided by a hosting service. There are so many hosting providers who provide this storage place for a very negligible amount if you consider the amount of money you’re going to make out of it.

I personally prefer BlueHost, but there are so many other good vendors in the market. Even GoDaddy provides hosting service, but I wouldn’t take that.

Let us start with the hosting procedure:


Step 1:

  • Visit any hosting vendor’s site like BlueHost.
  • Select hosting service.
  • Select any one of the mentioned options like
    • Multi Domain Linux Hosting,
    • Single Domain Linux Hosting,
    • Windows Hosting
    • WordPress Hosting

My suggestion is to take Multi Domain Hosting. Here you can have multiple domains hosted if in future you plan to have new domains. And, they provide unlimited data storage and so many other benefits.

Or, you can take WordPress hosting, if you’re planning to have just a website.


Hosting Services


Step 2:


After you buy any one of the above, you will have login credentials. Then you need to setup your host such that you can have your website hosted over there.

This is exactly where you need a bit of Computer Science knowledge.

For now, all you need is two things:


  • Name Server Details

These are nothing but server names where you’re allowed to keep your data. So, you need to redirect all the data that your domain has to this storage servers and that is why you need to remember them.


How to get Name Server Details?


Once, you log in and open your multi-domain order, you would be seeing the below screen – admin screen.


Admin Screen


Click on the Name Server Details option and that would open a separate pop-up window like the below screenshot, and note down the server details.


Name server details



  1. Installing WordPress

WordPress is the awesome thing that would allow you to kickstart your website in 4 hours approximately. It has released a stat recently – “27% of world’s internet is powered by WordPress”, even Apple Inc uses WordPress for their website.


Using WordPress might not be good for web-applications, where you need to have greater logic and use REST API’s, bla bla bla. But, for the purpose of starting up and having a blogging, video sharing, and podcasting website, it is more than enough.

The best part of the WordPress is that it has everything you need in terms of plugins. That is simply awesome.

Installing and customizing of WordPress will be covered as part of another blog post because it requires a bit of elaboration.

We will be doing a full video tutorial on how to start your Website right from scratch using GoDaddy, BlueHost, and WordPress.

There are hundreds of videos already that will teach you about customizing the WordPress website. But, we’re going to cover the prerequisites to start your business.


Anyways, I wanted to talk about the Career Options for Engineering Graduates in India as part of next article. I’m planning to cover the below topics in that:

  • What is required to get a job in IT industry (for all branches of Engineering)?
  • How can you have a part-time Online Business that will earn you an extra income?
  • What can you actually do to make more money while you’re working?


So, until then, like, share and comment on StartupSutra.

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