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Online Business – How to make money online? – 2

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Before we start making money online, let me tell you a story about an Online Business Entrepreneur – Pat Flynn. Personally, I’m a big fan of Pat Flynn and he is a great inspiration for becoming an Online Business Entrepreneur.

Anyhow, you can find everything about him on his website.


Who is Pat Flynn and how he makes $100,000/Month?


As already mentioned, Pat Flynn is an Online Business Entrepreneur and a prodigy of making a passive income – Income that generates itself constantly, even when you’re sleeping.


Before we get into how he started it, let us know what he does and how can we say he is a prodigy of passive income.


Pat Flynn, earns every month, on an average of about $100,000 – Rs. 64,39,000.00 in income. Check out his income reports to confirm. You might be wondering why is he posting income reports online? I even had the same question. But, Pat Flynn says, “This helps him to get the attention that leads to conversion!”


How Pat Flynn makes money –

Even though Pat Flynn is pretty open about his income reports, it is quite difficult to conclude that only these sources are his income sources. From what I’ve read about him, or know about him, I can infer the below:



Pat Flynn started his career through an E-Book for architecture. That made him a $8000 in the first month of its sale alone. After that book, he published so many of others, and they constitute a major part of his income. Surprisingly, his E-book about architecture still earns him about $200,000 every year.


Affiliate marketing

The next major source of Pat Flynn’s income is through Affiliate Marketing. Since he is already pretty famous and has a mark of superiority in the online business niche, there is a lot of affiliate marketing opportunities. Just to mention one, he affiliates with BlueHost – one of the biggest hosting services in the world.



Pat Flynn makes one of the major shares of his income through E-Courses. As with the E-Book, he delivers content on a subscription based E-Courses. The best part of any E-resource is the effort it requires. You just need to setup and then it continuously makes money for you!


The above are just a few of Pat Flynn’s sources of income. We will talk about him in our further articles anyhow whenever necessary.

Even though there are millions of articles online that would help you to start an online business, the conditions and market are entirely different. Personally, I feel India is entirely a new category of an Online market and cannot be categorized under any general category.

This article is the second part of our topic – Making money through Online Business. Read it here! Let us talk about how you can start making money through online businesses in India. So, without any delay, let’s get started.


Setting up your Online Business to earn money –


Considering you’ve already bought a domain, hosting service and are ready with your content, it is time to start monetizing it and earning money from it.


Bootstrapping your website –

Set up your domain with your host – usually takes about 12 hours for your domain to go live, but it varies with region. We’re going to have an article about this in the future, but there are already hundreds of articles.

After setup is done, there are many ways to launch your site. But, my personal preference would be, using WordPress. It is free as well as easy to setup. Also, the community is so big, that you can have a plugin for almost everything.

Activate a theme (free/paid) on your website and start customizing the website with images and layouts in WordPress.


Start earning your first dollar –

There are millions of ways to earn money through online business, but not all are viable at this moment to make money from. Let us see some early ways of earning money.


Google Adsense

Most famous and the easiest way of earning money through website right from early stages of your online business is through Google AdSense. Again, for this, we will be having a separate article in future. But, for now, let us see in a quick way how to make money through Google Adsense.

  • You need to create a Google Adsense account – it is as easy as creating a Gmail account. Once done, you need to provide your website domain name (ex:
  • You need to create an Ad Unit now and then getCode from Google for that Ad-Unit.
  • Use WordPress plugin (ex: Ad Inserter) to insert the code and select where you want to display your ads. That’s it done! It takes around 2-4 Hours to set up everything.

Google pays you per click – so for each click on the advertisement displayed you will be paid. But, you can’t spam by clicking it yourself. Google will detect the spam and will block you instantly. Subscribe to get notified about the complete Google Ad article!


Affiliate Marketing

This is the second best way to make money online in the early stages of your blog especially. Consider, your blog is a fashion blog. Review fashion items and give an affiliation link to the product that you’re reviewing to Amazon or Flipkart.

  • Affiliation links are separate links, which when bought from will earn you a share of it.
  • To get affiliation links, you need to become an affiliate or an associate of Amazon or Flipkart. This is fairly very easy – takes around 4 Hours to understand everything.
  • We will have an entire blog post on Affiliate Marketing.

It is not only Amazon/Flipkart who are providing affiliations, there are many private vendors who do that even and the share for each sale from them is fairly more encouraging.


YouTube videos

Earnings through YouTube ads is relatively high than from blogs and is a bit easier too. But, the problem is there are too many people in the race. However, if your content is something that could be produced as a video, please go ahead and start your YouTube career just like AIB and TVF. You never know you can be the next “BB Ki Vines”


There are many other ways, but like said earlier, those are not really earning options until your website has some good traffic coming in consistently.

Please do comment with your opinions or suggestions and do share and subscribe.

In the next article, we talk on “How to setup your WordPress website?”

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    “There are millions of ways to earn money through online business, but not all are viable at this moment to make money from.” Well said bro. We need to choose the right way to earn money.