Perseverance is Entrepreneurship

Perseverance is “Entrepreneurship”!

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The article in-shorts:

More often than not you will fail to start up. Essentially, Perseverance is Entrepreneurship”.  All you need to do is find your niche to be successful. Online Business was my niche and now I’m happy doing it. I feel there are a few things that I’ve done and those you could even do to stay in the game —


  • Do things that give you instant gratification!
  • Wear multiple hats and do multiple tasks to keep yourself motivated and always involved!
  • Read both success and failure stories as well with regard to your domain
  • Remember, if others have done it successfully. You can also do it!
  • Take feedback from people and start pivoting your product when necessary!
  • Start finding out ways to make money (legally, though!) from what you’re doing!
  • Realize the fact that it is going to be a long game!
  • Finally, and most important of all, let go your ego!


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As rightly said by Jim Rohn, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going!”. I’m even guilty of not persevering Entrepreneurship to the fullest. So, in this article, we will see “how Perseverance is Entrepreneurship” – how persevering entrepreneurship will make you a successful entrepreneur one day!

I’m an Entrepreneur like many of you who are reading this post. I’ve tried starting up so many times and I failed. But, now I feel I found what I really love to do after trying out so many times. Every time I failed to start up, I wanted to quit entrepreneurship, but somehow I persevered doing so. And, let me tell you this, I’m so glad I did not stop trying to become an Entrepreneur.

I’m not going to bombard you with my anecdotes (since I’m not famous!). But I’ll try to tell you some things which I think have helped almost all the Entrepreneurs, have for sure helped me, and I’m pretty sure will help you even.


So, here we go!


  • Let go, your EGO!


As a human being, it is acceptable to have the ego, but as an Entrepreneur, you’re not allowed ever to have the ego. I’ve seen so many people tend to inhibit themselves from taking feedback just because of their ego. I say, stay obstinate, still be open for change – you need to be steadfast on what you believe, but at the same time it is of utmost importance that you be open enough to change your opinion rationally when required.



  • Read both success and failure stories:


I’ve done this, and I think you even have done this. We tend to read only success stories, but that is just the cream of Entrepreneurship. But, there is an Everest of failure stories which are just obscured from the naked eye.

So, read both success and failure stories. Because that gives you an insight of “how to do? And how not to do? also. Success stories can motivate you to start doing stuff, whereas failure stories will enlighten you on where you can go wrong while doing your stuff.



  • Keep doing multiple things at once:


This is what I found out that worked for me – wearing multiple hats in my startup. In my case, I produce the content of StartupSutra mostly, I do the brand marketing even, I handle the UI/UX part of it, and I’m the one who invests the money even.

From my experience with StartupSutra, I have more sense of ownership doing all these. And, when you take up ownership, more often than not, you tend to complete it and that too with quality. So, try handling the majority of things in your startup, at least initially.



  • Try to find Gratification:


The best thing to keep yourself motivated is to find gratification. It is human tendency to expect a reward for any action that we perform. We want to have good grades when we put in a lot of hard work, we want chiseled body after we hit the gym. Similarly, we need some kind of gratification for the amount of hard work that we tend to put into starting a startup.

For me, personally, I found people actually recognizing that I have got that Entrepreneurship flare, worked the most. And, of course, if you start making money, there will be a lot more inspiration to persevere what you’re doing.

Try to find smaller gratifications first – recognition, feedback, appreciation works the best.



  • Entrepreneurs are not made in a day:


 A company is not made in a day, it is same with an Entrepreneur. Perseverance is what makes you an Entrepreneur, and to achieve that, you need to actually realize the fact that it takes times for everything to happen.

For me, it took 3 years to actually realize what I wanted to do. I don’t how much more it will take before I make a company of it.


So, these were my top sutras to stay in the game of Entrepreneurship. I would be happy to know more from you – how you kept yourself motivated for becoming an Entrepreneur? Write to us, here!


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